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1978 - The car: the 312 PB Ferrari

In 1978, Pierre wanted to create an unique piece of art, so he chose to build the genuine 312PB Ferrari engine. Frame, gearbox, engine, seats, gauges and so on… will be manufactured at the 1/3 scale and put together so that its Ferrari could stay in its lounge.

Pierre Bardinon, the owner of the Mas du Clos circuit, was the first to let Pierre go in his private collection. Pierre took lots of pictures of the 312 PB, the real one, sketched all details, put the finishing to his drawings, cleared up the last doubt on the pictures already examinated…

Drawings steps and molds

From 1978 to 1981, Pierre draw all the views necessary to build the 1:3 scale : chassis, engine, gearbox, body. The goal remains the same: build a real car, 1/3 scaled, ready to start.

From 1981 to 1985, the master is finished, all the wooden parts are ready.
Wooden parts

Flat-12 cylinder engine
1989 - The 1:3 scale engine works!

From 1986 to 1990, still lots of work, but lots of parts finished ! And particularly the machining of the engine parts: the 4 camshaft, the injection system, the casted components of the body (steering rack, wheel hubs and callipers, …).

Febuary the 25th 1989, the engine is ready for the first run. This is a great day for Pierre who listen for the first time the flat-12 cylinder engine sound !

1992 - An unique work of art

From 1990 to 1992, little by little, Pierre build his project. The gear box take shape with Mr Colotti and Mr Piero Ferrari help, at Modena, in Italy. The instrument panel and all the components are complete, of course everything is working. Radiators, headlights, tires and the tubular frame (welded with T.I.G.) are entirely home made.

In December 1992, the car is finished. Pierre's work is honored by the smallest 312PB Ferrari in the world: one simple turn of key makes possible to start it!
The car has been entrusted to Gary Kohs, passionned by unique art works (website : Fine Art Models).
The 312 PB

The mini 312 PB

Videos available

Video 1,
Video 2,

Technical data

Flat-12 cylinder
Displacement : 103 cc
Stroke x Bore : 24mm x 19mm
Horse power : 8 ch @ 10,500 RPM
Cooling : 2 lateral radiators for water and 1 central radiator for oil
2 camshafts per cylinder banks
24 valves
Dry sump

Hydraulic actuator

Steel discs
Hydraulic actuator
4 piston callipers with removable pads
Chassis and engine

Shock absorbers

5-gear + reverse - Differential
Cooling : oil pump + radiators

N° 0884 PS
25 CD 4 S Tubes - Aluminium riveted
Adjustable shock absorbers

Steering system
Rack and pinion

Lenght - 1250 mm
Width - 650 mm
Height - 308 mm
Wheel base - 740 mm
Weight - 60 Kg

Pictures of the construction

wooden template model
wooden template model
Engine cast parts
Engine cast parts

Silicon molds
Silicon molds


Engine on test stand
Engine on test stand

Reversing lights molds
Reversing lights molds

The smallest 312 PB Ferrari works!
The smallest 312 PB Ferrari works!

The "mini" 312 PB

Artistic Pictures (Alain Merle)

Alain Merle pictures Alain Merle pictures
Alain Merle pictures

Alain Merle pictures

Alain Merle pictures

Alain Merle pictures

Alain Merle pictures

Alain Merle pictures

Alain Merle pictures

Other Pictures